Предлагаются совместимые картриджи Xerox лучшие в мире. . Рекомендуем базальтовые утеплители от компании "САКСЭС".

The main activities of the enterprise

Enginneering development, production of exclusive machinery, mechanisms, gear and adjusting devices for cargo and passenger depots equipment on railroads of Russia and Kazakhstan.
Catalog washing equipment
Production of items of basalt super thin fiber for different purposes:
- Heat and sound insulation for commercial and civil engineering;
- Energy purpose: high-temperature surface heat insulation.
Development, manufacturing and construction of processing line for basalt super thin fiber production using our own enginneering development.

Dear customers!

We would like to draw your attention to a new sort of our factory’s production:
Broaching mats on a cover of glass cloth from two, four and six sides.

They can be used in power engineering, gas sector, industrial pipe-line insulation, oil sector, refrigeration and stove chambers, hot and cold water supply insulation, outside heating mains. Application temperature is up to +750°C

To get more accurate information please contact Mashzavod BASK sales department on the telephones:
(3842) 77-36-80; 77-36-82; 77-36-81; 77-36-79;
8-951-594-59-04 Sales department manager Arthur Gabidulin
8-913-128-47-68 Assistant director on commerce Julia P.Gorchakova